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2020.04.09 information

Japan’s COVID-19 Emergency State: 7 Prefectures Excluding Hokkaido

Tokyo and six other prefectures: Under state of emergency

A month-long state of emergency has been declared in Japan for Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka due to the current coronavirus situation until at least May 6th. Most of these prefectures are located in the central parts of Japan’s main island Honshu. Fukuoka is in the island of Kyushu, south of Honshu. Hokkaido is not one of the areas under state of emergency.

A state of emergency makes it possible for the local governments to limit the residents’ rights for liberty of movement and ask them to stay in their homes, as well as to demand businesses and facilities to temporarily close. For instance, the governor of Tokyo has requested citizens to self-isolate until the state of emergency is lifted.


Hokkaido: Living our everyday lives while following appropriate countermeasures

Hokkaido prefecture is not one of the prefectures included in the declaration, but the prefectural governor has asked Hokkaido residents not to let their guard down and to keep up with the current countermeasures with extra care at least until May 6th.

The everyday life here in Sapporo continues relatively normally considering the situation. At present (2020 April 9th), most of the confirmed coronavirus cases in Hokkaido have been reported recovered. However, there are still some cases confirmed daily and we are aware that the situation can change quickly.


Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel: Doing our part

We at Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel are doing our part by providing more flexible working conditions such as increasing remote work and adjusting the work shifts so that everyone is not using public transportation during the busiest commuting hours. We are naturally also sticking with the basics, namely washing our hands carefully, keeping our social distance and wearing masks when available.

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