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2020.04.20 information

Nationwide state of emergency in Japan due to COVID-19 – Message from the CEO

COVID-19 State of emergency expanded to Hokkaido

Some of you might already have heard that Hokkaido is now also under a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of April 16th 2020, the state of emergency that was declared to Tokyo and six other prefectures earlier this month, was expanded nationwide to include all prefectures of Japan.


A state of emergency makes it possible for the local governments to limit the residents’ rights for liberty of movement and ask them to stay in their homes, as well as to demand businesses and facilities to temporarily close.


We are working remotely: office phone service not available

Staring from Tuesday 21st, until when the measures can be lifted, we here at Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel are doing our very best to flatten the curve by shortening our office opening hours and working remote.


Please note, that for this period of time, there generally is no phone service available, since there are no English speakers present at the office. If you have the contact information of your personal travel consultant, do not hesitate to contact them as usual. 


It may also take us a moment before we can get back to your emails, but this does not mean we are not very happy that you have contacted us. 


Pardon us for the sudden notice, and thank you for your kind understanding.


You are in our hearts: please stay strong

The current world situation has affected each one of us on a very personal level, but I hope you allow me to use this chance to express our sympathies for everyone, who has lost their loved one due the virus. Please accept our sincerest condolences. We hope you find strength as you grieve this loss.


For those of you who are fighting the virus at the very moment or who have overcome the virus and are recovering, we hope you can get well soon. 


I also wish to express our deepest gratitude for all the people working in hospitals and other lines of work that make it possible for the rest of us to hope for the future and allow us to find new ways to keep going with our lives in this bizarre situation. You are heroes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Looking forward to the future when it is safe to travel again

We cannot wait to meet you in Hokkaido when it is safe to travel again, but now it is time to stay strong and do what we need to do. The decisions made by a single individual can make a huge difference in the current world situation. Let’s all do our part. We will get through this together. 


Koichiro Suzuki
Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc, CEO.


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