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2024.04.02 information

Updates for the 2024 Fiscal Year

Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel’s mission statement remains attracting foreign visitors by stimulating sustainable tourism in Hokkaido. Our aim is to become the best company in the world, in the world’s best Hokkaido! We want to rediscover the beauty of every region in Hokkaido by careful tourist area development in cooperation with local people.

Despite the devastating effects of covid on the travel industry, in Fiscal Year 2023 Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel (HTIT) had a large increase of visitors to Hokkaido, enabling us to continue our work in creating opportunities to introduce new visitors to the island and promoting local business and guides.

In Fiscal Year 2024 we aim to continue this trend by promoting sustainability in both our work and company. To achieve our goals, we are implementing new opportunities and development within our company as well. Our goals for 2024 are:

 1.Continuing to support our partners, local communities, and customers using our position as a travel company, our network and knowledge.

 2.Encourage our employees to work creatively, passionately, and happily, giving them opportunities for self-achievement and growth.

 3.Develop tourist areas that are good to visit and live in- encouraging interactions between local residents and tourists that are beneficial to both, and creating fans of Hokkaido throughout the world.


We thank you for your support, and we hope you join us in continuing our mission to promote Hokkaido both locally and internationally.



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